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Hi, I'm Aikta!

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How you can
allow yourself
to be


You know what’s NOT love? An act that cares for someone else but pains you in the process.
Self-love is a practice

anddd it's
P O S S I B L E !

How To Self-love

Okay, there's a misconception that self-love means loving yourself by yourself! Self-love means love FOR self.

There's no limit on who it can be received from. Anybody can do the loving, Potato!

In this section, we talk about, how you can be there for you, no matter who else is or isn't.


Your self-worth can be deeply-rooted again.

As a child, you didn't have much choice or understanding about what was happening around you.

You adopted some roles to exist in this big, scary, mean world!

In this section, we talk about, what those roles could be and how you can unbecome them, so you can connect with your worth again.

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