Standing in your own way?

I GET it. You are not alone.

I’ve stood in my way more times than I’d like to admit.
About two years ago, I found a quote somewhere, that I wrote on four sticky notes and pasted them on my refrigerator:

“That’s the benefit of being absolutely terrible at something but going to war anyway. Eventually skill kicks talent’s ass.”

At the bottom, I wrote, “GO TO WAR.” Because with the internal confusion, negotiation, judgement and the-never-ending doubts, we often wage a war within us.

I’m Aikta, and PotatoMind is my expression of: love.

And disappointment. And failure. And giving in. And standing up. And tumbling down. And heartbreak. And faithlessness. And discovery. And recovery. And success. And wonder. And health. And foolishness. And arrogance. And inferiority. And superiority. And equality. And helplessness. And reaching out. And giving. And receiving. And rage. And gratitude. And surrender. And war.

And love, again.

I hope that something about this helps you feel less alone and more like, you belong — absolutely, undeniably, knowingly and unknowingly.

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