I Care Policy

Hi, you may already know me. And in case you don't,
this is me — Aikta!
I'm the one who creates the content and the services, and takes care of you here, via everything PotatoMind.

Creating a policy is the most dreaded aspect of representing your business. But it’s also a major part of taking care of your business. Then, why not create a policy that says the ways I care about YOU? Because I do.

Hence, here I am, creating something, that to my knowledge, has not been done before. I present to you —

I Care Policy

1. I strive to create Content and Services, such that they’re socially conscious.

2. My efforts to uplift, assure, validate, comfort, guide you, shall stay authentic and shall come from my best intentions.

3. I shall ask for your consent before putting up your name/identity anywhere on the Sites, Services or Content, unless your content is already public or visible to a group.

4. If you ask me to keep a certain information provided by you, as anonymous, I shall not willingly/intentionally disclose your identity. However, do remember that there are third-party apps and integrations, with their respective policies, that help me put together the Sites, Content and Services. And then there’s the threat of the data, Sites, Content or Services, being compromised by external attacks/malfunctions. But let’s not brood over such harrowing thoughts.

5. I shall strive to not shy away from making any apologies, or acknowledgements of faults/flaws in Sites, Content, Services or in myself.

6. I shall stay open to listening to your concerns and shall take utmost care to not invalidate them. I do go through my own processes of healing, hence I’d request you to factor in, that my lack of a better judgement/treatment at any point of time, would have 100% to do with a lack of good food, good friend, or a good state of mind, and nothing to do with you.

7. I shall take extra care of you, if you’re a member of my tribe (PotatoTribe), by giving you one or more of the following:

  • Early access
  • Free access
  • A feature, a deal or a discount more than any other existing feature/deal/discount on a Content/Service.

8. I shall not provide more than one warning to a User, who expresses hate speech directed towards an individual or a group, based on (including, but not limited to) sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, nationality, colour, ethnicity, race, caste, age, physical/mental disability, physical/mental illness or trauma, on any of the Sites.

The conduct of this policy is at my sole discretion and I can withhold it from you at any point of time, if I find you disrespecting, misconducting, threatening or violating any of my Users/Content/Services/Policies or me.

*  You can refer to the definitions of User, Content, Services, Sites, in Terms of Use.

© Aikta Srivastava. All rights reserved.