Privacy Policy

Updated 29 March, 2020.

Thank you for coming over. Your privacy is important to me and hence here is the Privacy Policy we have put in place, to make our Sites a safer and constructive spaces. This policy informs you what information our Sites may receive from you and what happens to it.


This policy is incorporated with reference to our Terms of Use.

Scope Of This Policy
This Privacy Policy covers only the information collected on the Sites for subscribing or registering you for a product, service or a community. It does not cover an information provided by you while using a service or during an interpersonal exchange, whether online – including but not limited to, electronic mails, voice calls, video calls, work shop, webinar, comments, or offline – including but not limited to, meeting, workshop, letters. It also does not cover the functioning or the conduct of any third-party.

Links To Other Sites
Users may find advertisements or links on our Sites, that may direct them to other sites that we may not have ownership of. We do not control the content or the policies on such sites and we do not assure that such sites post content, collect information, provide a service, lawfully, or that they have a policy in place. Before you provide personal information to any third-party sites or services, we encourage you to review their policies.

Personal Information
You may visit our Sites anonymously. We may request personal information from you, should you choose to avail or participate in the Services or a community. The only information we collect is the information you voluntarily submit to us.

We never intentionally disclose your personal information. We use an opt-in, a checkbox or a text before you submit any form with your information filled in, except in the cases as mentioned under. You get to choose whether or not to submit such a form.

We do not sell, trade or transfer your personal information to third parties, except as mentioned under.

Subscriptions and Services
If you subscribe to Our newsletter, community or Service, I receive your name, email, address and any other information that you choose to provide (like your phone number). This information is not distributed, sold or traded by me to a third-party. The information about some of your subscriptions gets collected by MailChimp which I use as an emailing service.

Donations or Patronage
If you choose to donate or to become a recurring patron of PotatoMind — thank you! — you provide your name, email, shipping and billing addresses, and payment card information. This information is received by the third parties: PayPal, Paytm or Ko-fi, for securely handling the payment process.

You can also cancel your recurring donation anytime or claim its refund within 3 days of the date of subscription or the date of renewal, whichever is the latest.

If you communicate with me, whether or not, by using a Service, I will receive your contact information along with any other information you choose to provide.

Nonpersonal Identification Information
PotatoMind or the platforms used for running any Sites or Services, may collect nonpersonal identification information through the use of but not limited to, cookies, IP address tracker, the type of device you use, the browser you use, your internet service provider, your location, the areas you visit, the search terms you use on our Sites, and the links you may select from within our Sites to anywhere else online.

Such information may be used to understand how people use our Sites. I may aggregate and share non-personal information with third parties for customising ads and content on our Sites, including but not limited to Facebook. To help optimise our Sites, we may contract with a third-party web analytics provider.

We will not share any person’s name, navigational or other Personal Information without your consent.

You shall have the option to edit your preferences or opt-out or unsubscribe from our Services, newsletters, emails, mobile messages, any time you’d like. The links to do the same shall be present in the newsletters.

You can also send your request to cancel or unsubscribe you from a Service (including but not limited to, newsletters), through this form.

We, at our sole discretion, may unsubscribe you or cancel your registration from our Services. A notice thereof, may or may not be provided to you. You shall have the option to subscribe or opt-in again, unless, at our sole discretion, you’re banned from availing a Service again.

We prohibit users under 18 years of age, from using certain Services. Registration for such a Service requires from you to agree to being 18 years of age or older. However, we do not knowingly collect any personal, residential, professional or national identity proofs or numbers, to validate your age, other than what you may choose to provide. You agree to abide by any such restrictions and to not help or aid anyone in avoiding a restriction.

Time Duration Of Retaining or Modifying Your Information With Us
We may retain an information you have provided to us until you opt-out or request a removal or a redaction, for the same. We may choose, on our sole discretion, to remove your information from our databases without a notice. Please be aware, however, that we can not assure of a 100% removal of your information from our databases or any third-party databases that we have used to provide you with Content or a Service, in accordance with this policy. We also cannot set a timeline for processing a said request or making a said modification.

Security Policy
On the internet, 100% secure measures are beyond any one person’s intent or control. Hence, by using any of our Sites or Services, you hold the responsibility of any kind of security breach, including but not limited to, your online accounts, your devices, your bank accounts, your personal or professional or national identity. You also hold the responsibility for any device corruption or malfunction.

If we suspect a criminal or an inappropriate activity, or a threat to the security of this Site or its users, we may share our server logs, which contain user’s Personal and Nonpersonal Information, with the appropriate investigative authorities, who could use that information to identify a threat or to trace an individual.

Consent to Transfer
The Sites are operated from India. By using any of our Sites, by subscribing or participating in any of our Services or by choosing to provide us with your information, and if you are located outside of India, you consent to transfer of any such information to India and other countries that may not have the same data protection laws as in your country.

Changes in Site Ownership
In an event of an acquisition, merger or sale of any of our assets or Sites, you consent to the disclosure to, or use of, any information you have provided to PotatoMind through any Service or Sites, by any subsequent operator or owner of the Sites.

Your Acceptance To This Policy
By using any of our Sites, you signify your acceptance and your compliance to our Privacy Policy, your acceptance and your compliance to our Payment, Cancellation and Refund Policy, and your promise to fully understand accept and abide by the Terms of Use as mentioned on this Site.

In an event of you non-acceptance, please stop using any of our Sites or Service, immediately, which includes opting-out or cancellation of any of our current registrations or subscription to any of our Sites or Services.

Your continued use of any of our Sites or Services, following any change to any of our Policies or our Terms, will mean your full acceptance and compliance of all our Policies and our Terms.